Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A Special Visitor...

Last week, Grandma came to visit! It was so nice having her here. Grandma was here Tuesday night through Sunday afternoon. We had a great visit (even though a couple of us ended up under the weather). Jason and I loved seeing Grandma and having an extra "referee" in the house, and the kids loved having Grandma here. The week was filled with lots of playing, good eats, an early birthday celebration for Emily, and visits to the museum and zoo, not to be outdone by lots of snuggling. Ben was walking taller when Grandma visited his school on Grandparents Day. Although I don't think Ben has a future in performing (was not into his performance at all!), he lit up when he was able to show Grandma his classroom and build a habitat for butterflies (of the rubbery kind). Come back soon, Grandma! We miss you and love you!

Playing dress-up - "Adventure Girl"

Happy early birthday, Em! 
(more to come in June...)

Grandparents Day at Laurel School

Future entomologist at work...

Thank you for coming, Grandma!

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