Friday, May 8, 2009

Let us Pray...

Life with a 3-year-old in the house can really provide proof that God has a sense of humor. I mean, seriously, life with a 3-year-old can be a bit challenging, right? The only way to get through and appreciate the day-to-day challenges is with a sense of humor that only He can give!

Our precious 3-year-old is quite the spirited child. She is very independent, very creative and very stubborn (not sure where she gets it...). Thus, the reason she is still in diapers (which is a whole post in itself!) She's not ready; doesn't matter if Mommy was ready months ago.

We try to do as much as we can to teach our children about the God who created them, about his love and his provision, his miracles and his discipline. We memorize Scripture, teach our kids to pray, sing songs about God, and point out on a daily basis some of the blessings He gives us.

At the dinner table, we take turns saying the prayer before the meal. The kids are usually very eager to pray and volunteer quickly, so we rotate the turns to keep it as even as possible. One particular night last week happened to be Abby's turn. She began her prayer with the song, "God our Father". Emily & Ben learned this prayer song at their preschool in Texas. Abby, in turn, learned it from them. The words are:

(To the tune of "Frere Jacques")
God our Father, God our Father
Once again, once again,
Thank you for our blessings, thank you for our blessings,
Amen, Amen.

On this particular night, Jason stopped her and asked her to do a "Dear God" prayer instead. (This is when they just talk to God with their own words.) Here's a glimpse into our life with Abby:

Dear God,
Thank you for this food.
Thank you for making healthy food.
Thank you that we get to disobey and do whatever we want.

Oh my goodness...we have a long road ahead of us!

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Elliott Scott said...

Thank you for the sermon illustration if I ever preach about Original Sin....