Wednesday, August 5, 2009

6 years old!!

Today is Ben's birthday! He is a big six-year-old today. I think he woke up grinning this morning and walking taller just knowing it's his special day. Leading up to today, he had told many people that his birthday was going to be on Wednesday. The entire camp where he's attending this week is expecting cake, ice cream and treats today, thanks to the accelerated imagination of my little boy. They will be getting cake later this afternoon, but no ice cream, treats or tricks. I'm just glad he can have cake with a group of friends. Having a summer birthday hasn't given him this opportunity in summers past.

Benjamin was a sweet baby, very happy and very easy going. He started out with some physical challenges, but thanks to 1-1/2 years of therapy and many prayers, he sailed through with flying colors and you would never even suspect anything today.

With today being his sixth birthday, I thought I'd list Ben's top six list, his six favorite things...

1. Music
2. Dinosaurs
3. Taylor Bell (our cat)
4. His family
5. His friends
6. Making others laugh

These aren't necessarily in order, but six things that quickly come to mind when I think of Ben. Outside of these six things, Ben is very sensitive and perceptive. He is cuddly and affectionate. He loves to roughhouse and wrestle. He loves bugs and nature. He loves computers and reading. Ask Ben where he lives and he will still tell you he lives in Texas and is just visiting Ohio. (Just recently, he shed a few tears because he misses Texas.) He adores his sisters, although, at times, wishes for a brother. He is happy from the top of his head to the tip of his toes.

Ben, we are so proud of you and love you so much. You bring laughter and silliness into our home. We hope you have a fun birthday, buddy!

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