Thursday, January 28, 2010

Ten Indicators we are not in Texas anymore...

1. We can drive for miles and miles and not see one cow.

2. When we hear someone say "y'all", an overwhelming feeling of nostalgia sets in.

3. When the ground is covered with snow and ice, school's open!

4. When we get a hankerin' for guacamole, we head to the grocery store for the ingredients.

5. A snowplow service becomes part of the household budget six months of the year.

6. The kids arrive at summer camp wearing fleece.

7. People don't say hankerin' here.

8. Cowboy boots have been replaced with snow boots.

9. We live in a house that is almost 90 years old.

10. When ordering a Coke, we actually get a Coke.

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