Friday, April 2, 2010

UPDATED: A Different Kind of Easter Dress...

Many share the tradition of donning a new Easter dress and Easter shoes. For those of us who stick to that silly fashion rule, it's the first day we're "allowed" to wear white shoes. So, my girls have new dresses, new white shoes, and Ben has a new shirt (boys are so much easier!). But, it looks as if Abby will be wearing an Easter dress of a different kind this year...her hospital gown. While I'm really holding out hope that we will be at least on the road towards home, I'm also keeping my feet on the ground so reality doesn't knock me in the face.

To catch you up, if you are unaware...we were on the return home from our two week road trip to Texas and Abby somehow contracted pneumonia, oh and not just pneumonia, a HUGE case of pneumonia. But, if you know my Abby, everything she does is huge, so why wouldn't this also be?

We are riding the rollercoaster called the "watch and see what happens". We are riding the fence between improving with antibiotics and the insertion of a chest tube. Oh, and did I mention...we are not home?!?

God is providing great things...excellent medical care, a free place for us to stay (thanks to a dear friend's mom), two very cooperative older siblings (complete with minimal bickering), peace beyond comprehension for this usually high-strung anxious Mommy, and an amazing abundance of people praying just for Abby and our family.

We have seen some improvement today and need several things to happen before we're released. Abby's had a good day, but a rough evening. We need to see her fever staying low, Abby self-hydrating (no IV), her blood culture to remain negative, no need of oxygen (sats staying high), and no other random issue arising. I thought we were almost in the clear today, but tonight, her fever is back, she is in pain and she is back on the IV because she's still refusing to drink (also refusing to eat).

Thank you to those who are already praying and thank you to those of you who will start praying now. I will try and update here as I'm able.

UPDATE: As of this morning (Saturday), Abby has made HUGE improvements and I am 100% certain it's the power of your prayers that is increasing her healing process. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

The doctor this morning said that Abby's pneumonia was the worst case she's seen. Now, we need her to eat and drink. If she will begin to eat and drink, we will be released with antibiotics and can continue our trip home. We have about 12 hours of driving ahead of us and will break it up over two days to keep her as comfortable as possible.

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