Saturday, December 5, 2009

Preparing for the Big Day, Part 4

Day 4: God Calls Abram
(Ornament: Camel & Tent)

I love the story of Abraham (formerly known as Abram). I can relate (maybe just a smidgeon) to God's call out of the blue when all things seem to be going just fine. In reading this with the kids today, we could tie Abraham's story to our story of moving from Texas to Ohio. God told Abraham (at the ripe old age of 75) to take his family, his household and his livestock and go to a new land. Abraham obeyed God, doing just as he said, and set out for the journey. When he finally arrives in the land of Canaan, God shows the land to Abraham and declares that as far as he can see will belong to his descendants. (But, um, Abraham is 75 and doesn't have any descendants, just one little observation.)

Remember, God always has a plan. If you know the story of Abraham, he will have descendants (because God keeps His promises), and through his descendants, Jesus will be born. (Remember, God's perfect plan?)

You can be 100% certain today that God has a plan for you and He keeps His promises! Just think of Abraham, a 75-year-old man without children, from whom God brought into the world His one and only Son.

Lord, help me to obey you in the times when it doesn't make sense. Thank you for your perfect plan for my life and the lives of all your children.

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Laurie M said...

We are doing the Jesse Tree as well..this is our 2nd year. Our devotional time is quite an event as well. Let's just say my expectations are more realistic this year.