Friday, February 25, 2011

Book Review: "The Jesus Inquest" by Charles Foster

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I couldn't wait to receive this book in the mail. From the moment I read the brief description of its contents, I was hooked.

"The Jesus Inquest" by
Charles Foster is written as a debate between two characters: X and Y. While X is defending the non-Christian view of the resurrection of Christ, Y is presenting the Christian view of the same event. While the reader might anticipate the entire work is a heated debate, X and Y actually share common ground throughout the presented case while also qualifying the differing points of view.

As a Christian reading this novel, I was set to find character X's points easily dismissed. However, I surprisingly learned a great deal from X's presentations. Through Foster's intense research, scholarly influences and first-hand knowledge of courtroom proceedings, "The Jesus Inquest" is masterfully written. It is not a quick read or easy read and will take extra time to complete and process.

On a side note, Foster states, and I agree, faith is not necessary to be challenged by this book.

This book was provided to me by Book Sneeze for the purposes of review.

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