Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Book Review: "The Sacred Journey" by Charles Foster

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This is the second work by Charles Foster that I have read. I thoroughly enjoyed "The Jesus Inquest", so was looking forward to reading "The Sacred Journey". I didn't realize when ordering this work that it is a part of a series, in actuality, the final book in a series of ancient practices. The premise of this book is that we are all wanderers at some point in our lives. Foster actually encourages the wandering, to set out on a pilgrimage to find the truth about God, himself, and the world. For it is in these times, faith is put to the test.

Foster's writing style is very easy to follow and read. I appreciate the idea of our spiritual journey as a pilgrimage. To this, I can relate. While some will have the chance to truly physically journey and make sacrifices to do so, others are not led in that direction as their journey has them in the midst of a city, in a neighborhood, in an apartment building, being Jesus to those in the immediate vicinity.

The Sacred Journey is an interesting read and is thought provoking. I didn't rate it any higher than three stars because I wasn't more impressed. I believe there's other literature that is more challenging when it comes to the search for Christ and literature that will speak to where you are in your journey today.

This book was provided to me by Book Sneeze for the purposes of review.

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