Sunday, March 20, 2011

Abby's 5!

Happy birthday to you!
You're a blessing; it's true!
Happy birthday, dear Abby!
Happy birthday to you!

5 years old!

4 years old

3 years old

2 years old

First Birthday

Precious newborn Abby

Dear Sweet Abby,
It's hard to believe that today, we are celebrating your fifth birthday! It seems like yesterday we were welcoming you into this world. When Mommy and Daddy found out we were pregnant with you, we knew that God must have a special plan for your life. Daddy couldn't stop laughing at the thought of another addition to our family. He wasn't laughing because it was funny, he was laughing because his heart was full of pure joy! When we began to decide on a name for you, we wanted to find a name that had a special meaning and was a reflection of our joyful anticipation of your birth. Abigail was the perfect choice as it means "joy of the father".

You have brought nothing less than pure joy into our lives for the five fast years you've been here. You enjoy life and have taught us so much about living in the moment. You are spunky and sassy and sweet all rolled up into one! You are beautiful, inside and out. You enjoy playing with Ben and Emily, school, your teachers and your friends. You are easily entertained and love playing with Toy Story characters, princesses and coloring. You love music and books. You are very affectionate and do not hold back in doling out the hugs and kisses! Your presence is rarely missed by anyone as your voice has a natural projection like no one else I know. We tease that you must have "ants in your pants" as sitting still doesn't happen often; you are always on the move!

We are so thankful for you and the joy you bring to our lives! Emily and Ben have written some special things to you today...

I love you, Abby!
I love how you always sing when you're swinging on the swingset.
I love how you always share with me and Ben.
I love when I get to wake you up in the mornings and you snuggle with me.
I love it when you color with me.
You are so cute!

I love you!
I love playing with you!
I love bubleing with you!
I love drawing with you!
I love wawching TV with you!
I love you because you are sweet!
I Love You!

Happy Birthday, sweet girl!
We all love you!

Make a wish! (Just not for a dog, please...)

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Abby! You are precious in His sight! Have fun.