Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Getting ready!

The turkey is defrosting and I'm headed to the store to buy the remaining ingredients for our turkey feast on Thursday. I wonder if I should just fast today and tomorrow to get my belly ready for the mass intake that's coming. I could go easy on myself this year and just skip ahead to the pies, but nah, I wouldn't want to offend the cook. Oh wait, I'm the cook!

Obviously, I was outvoted and we will not be heading to Fresh Market to pick up our lunch. Everything will be made in my very own kitchen again this year. This will be the third year that we have been completely responsible for Thanksgiving. I just wish there was a way to speed up the cooking process and slow down the eating time. The hours of slavery are easily conquered by the minutes of eating. But, it will be so yummy and all the people I love most in this world will be sitting around my table.

We will have to be careful in regards to our Thanksgiving conversations this year. I recently learned that my Abby is afraid of pilgrims. Somehow, she groups them in the same category as Santa. Santa is not a welcomed figure in our house. In fact, she has declared that if Santa gets sick this year and can't come to our house, that will be ok with her. Yesterday in the car, we were talking about pilgrims and Jason showed her a picture of pilgrims. She was not impressed at all and asked if they would be coming to our house. Grandma explained how the pilgrims lived a long time ago and are no longer alive today. Abby's response: "Well, thank goodness they're dead!" We love our Abby...she keeps us in stitches.

So, what's on your menu this year? Here's ours...

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