Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Website Wednesday!

This week's website is Have you been stuck at times and not sure if you are using the correct form of a particular word? How about words like affect and effect or aggravate and irritate or good and well? I know I get stuck sometimes with the good and well. This is a website where you can check yourself and see if you've been using the words in the correct context.

From the company's website:
Richard Wanderman

In 1990 my wife Anne came home from school and asked me if there was an easy way to collect the words that her students confused so that they might refer to their own personal list on their own personal computer.

I put the question back to Anne: if you had such a list, what kinds of information about the confused words should be included, and how should the information look? I asked her to come up with some examples, the first few of which were effect and affect and there, their, and they're.

We decided that we needed to show each set of confusables together so that an easy comparison could be made. We also thought that the list would include more confusables than just homonyms, words like aggravate and irritate, and good and well.

We hope you find Confusing Words useful and we look forward to your comments and feedback to make it even better.

If you are feeling well enough to do some writing, it might be a good time for you to check out this website! How's that?

Happy writing!

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