Tuesday, December 9, 2008

What we're reading this week...

Jason and I are still working on our books. I'm thinking I'm not going to keep going to Book 3. Book 1 in the series was great and Book 2 has gotten a bit out there for me. I'm ready for something different.

In pulling out the Christmas decorations, we brought out all our children's Christmas books. The kids have had a great time reading through them. Here are a few of our favorites:

(Click on the image to link to Amazon's website.)

Happy Christmas Reading!

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Anonymous said...

Oh man... I was hoping to get your review of book 3. Sarah read and LOVED book 1. She is anxiously awaiting book 2. (It will probably arrive on the 25th in a bright colored package.) And, I have heard some not so favorable things about the content and appropriateness (is that a word?) of book 3 for teenagers. Now, I may be forced to read it myself. ~Kathy