Friday, January 2, 2009

Got Church?

We have been in Ohio for about 16 months now as a family. We have yet to find a church home, which is so frustrating! Coming from a life of nothing but church, surrounded by Christian friends and relationships in the workplace and in our social circles, to a life where we can't seem to find the right place for us has been a bit of a downer. We know what having a church home will do to our lives, we know what serving in a church does to our spiritual lives, and we know what having our children in church does for their spiritual foundation. So, knowing all these things, we are more than ready to be able to belong to a church. In Texas, there is quite a selection of churches, but here in Cleveland, the pickings are not the same. We have added two more to our list to visit (although they require a 30-minute drive from our house) and will see if these are where the Lord is leading us. 

In reading about one of these two churches, I came across this video that the lead pastor created. This particular church meets in a movie theater and they have quite the plethora of videos on Youtube that are pretty impressive creatively. I'm not sure yet the spiritual depth of the church, but I think we might check it out. The other church is probably nothing like this first one. It follows the doctrines of the Southern Baptist church and may be closer to what we're accustomed to. 

So, we will visit each one and pray that God will show us where He wants to use our gifts for His kingdom. For now, enjoy this...

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