Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Website Wednesday!

Today's website is You may be familiar with this website as you may have used it several times yourself! You know all those forwarded emails that you get claiming all sorts of things and insisting they are true? Well, Snopes is the place to check their validity. It's very simple...type in the subject line or keywords of the email that was forwarded to you. Snopes will let you know whether the email you received was true or false and will also give you the background, including the origination of the email and more info than you would ever want or need to know!

Let me go ahead and help you with an easy one... Applebee's is not going to send you a gift certificate for forwarding emails to your address book. I know, disappointing, isn't it? Well, save yourself the embarrassment of forwarding the's false! And, if you've already fallen prey to the scam, have no fear, redemption is granted and adding Snopes to your toolbar will save you from such horrendous mistakes in the future!

1 comment:

Laurie M said...

Thank you for informing the nation that you can indeed get gas at a gas station without having a gang member slice the back of your heel, from underneath your car, as part of gang initiation. We can all sleep a bit easier I think. wink, wink