Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Just thought I'd share...

On Facebook, I was tagged to list 25 random things about me. It was hard to come up with 25 things about myself! So, because I worked so hard, thought I'd get more bang for my buck and share it here as well. BTW, have you joined Facebook? I have reconnected with people I haven't talked to in years! But, just a warning...it can be addicting!

So, here goes...

1. I have a wonderful husband, who is completely opposite of me, and makes me strive to be a better person.

2. I have 3 amazing, beautiful, smart, funny and talented children...yes, I am proud to be their mommy!

3. I am a Texan living in Ohio...you can take the girl out of the country, but you can't take the country out of the girl!

4. I love my job.

5. I live in an 80 year old house and love it.

6. I have some awesome friends. Though distance separates us, we can pick up where we left off and that is so nice.

7. I strive to be the woman God created me to be and struggle with it daily.

8. I am determined to read the entire Bible in 2009 and I'm right on track so far!

9. I am a musician, trained from 4 years of age on, but very few have seen my hidden talent of playing the recorder with my nose.

10. I am an extreme introvert who has learned to function as an extrovert, but I definitely need alone time on a regular basis to recharge.

11. I love decorating.

12. A town in Texas is named after my ancestors.

13. I have never had a brain freeze...and believe me, it's not from lack of trying!

14. I met my hubby the summer before our senior year in college in an English class.

15. My favorite hobby is reading. (Is that a hobby?)

16. I have not sung very much since moving to Ohio after singing daily for the past 6 years.

17. My first piano teacher, my great aunt, played the piano on the Lawrence Welk Show when it was on the radio, prior to airing on television.

18. I have never broken a bone.

19. My favorite vegetable is yellow squash. I'm the only one in my family who likes it, so I don't get to eat it very often.

20. I am a cat person...never thought I would be, but 'fraid so...my two new kitties are named after Texas counties: Harris and Taylor Bell.

21. I am the third consecutive generation on my mom's side to have three children, girl-boy-girl...thought it was up to the man's gene?

22. I love working with kids...all ages.

23. I am organized to the point of being obnoxious...at least, it drives my hubby crazy!

24. I have one living grandparent...Mema, who is an amazing 84-year old woman. She plays the Wii better than I do and walks 2 miles a day.

25. I am looking forward to a visit to TX in March...family, friends, a wedding, WARMTH and TEX-MEX! I'm counting down the days!

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