Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Anyone want to play?

Our family loves to play games. Until just recently, it's been a bit difficult to play family games due to the kids ages and age span. I couldn't wait until we were able to play games together as a family.  Here are some of our favorites...

One of Abby's favorites games...
Although it's a bit advanced for 2 year olds,
it can be modified for her.
It's a great game for Emily and Ben...quick and challenging!
Abby calls it "diaper rash".

Ben will play a hand of "Go Fish" anytime, 
although his favorite game is Mario Kart on the Wii.

We gave Emily the game "Mancala" for her birthday 
and it is so much fun!  Here's a plus: it costs $4.99 at Target!
Jason and I enjoy playing this one, too...

Give us a deck of cards and Jason and I will 
gladly challenge you to a game of Nerts!
(You can play with two players, but it's much 
quicker and more fun with a group...
each player needs his/her own deck of cards.)

Does your family play games? 
Which ones?


Elliott Scott said...

It's too hot in Houston to play outside for long in the middle of a summer day. But kids still need to run and jump about. So they like to make up games which are mostly variations of tag or hide-and-seek. Here are two:

Tiger - One kid is the Tiger and hides somewhere in the house. The other kids search until the Tiger bursts from his or her hiding place roaring loudly to chase them all back to home base.

Scream factor: 4 out of 5 stars.

Zombie - One kid is the Zombie and chases the other kids around the house. Slight twist: the Zombie holds his hands out in front of him and says, "Zooooooombiiiiiiiieeee" over and over again in his or her best undead voice.

When the Zombie catches you, you become a zombie too and help catch everyone else.

Scream factor - 3 out of 5 Stars

nertzfan said...

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Laurie M said...

We are an outdoor bunch, but when we are inside, we are big Monopoly Jr. fans...a much less complicated version and helps with simple math skills, bonus! We also like Connect Four and Trouble, totally old school but fun.