Wednesday, September 24, 2008

He loves me ALWAYS!

Benjamin is a very perceptive and sensitive little boy. He and Jason had a conversation today that went something like this...

Ben:      Daddy, I love you.
Jason:   Ben, I love you, too.
Ben:     Daddy, I love you ALWAYS.
Jason:   Ben, I love you ALWAYS, too.
Ben:     That's the same thing God does. He loves us ALWAYS, too.
Jason:   (choke, choke) Yes, Ben, you're right, He does!

Melt my heart! Maybe, we're doing ok as parents if our 5-year-old knows this and will declare it without prompting...definitely a proud parent moment mixed in with some relief (maybe he's getting some of what we teach!) mixed in with a gush of love!! 

This is a conversation I do not want to forget!

You cling to this knowledge, little Ben! One day, when the weight of the world is on your shoulders, remember what you knew when you were 5...God loves you ALWAYS!

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