Monday, June 30, 2008

Another amazing story!

Wow! My mom told me about Patrick Henry Hughes. He lives in Louisville, Kentucky. There are many more videos on Youtube if you want to see more. His family even received an Extreme Home Makeover in November of 2007.

Patrick was born without eyes and with a condition that doesn't allow him to fully extend his arms and legs. As a very young child, his father noticed an unusual musical talent and ability. This is worth watching and reading more.


Brentari said...

What a really moving story. For guys who want to really know what defines a real "man", one only needs to look at Patrick's father. He reminds me of another awesome guy...the father from Team Hoyt. Talk about men to admire and respect.
The inspiration brought forth from these amazing sons who overcome so much and end up being what every parent wants for their become accomplished, amazing, and inspiring people. These guys are the truest champions of all. Thanks Melissa for posting this. They are an incredible example to follow.

The Curtis Crew said...

Did you see that I posted the Hoyt story right before this one?