Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Home Sweet Home

We found a house...finally! You wouldn't believe the struggle it's been for us to find a house. But, let me just say this: if one more house that we were interested in sold before we could get it, we were seriously considering a move back to Texas as it must have been a sign to get out of Ohio!

The house is in the neighborhood we wanted to be in on a beautiful street with lots of families with children. Most importantly, it feeds to the elementary school we want for Ben.  

Not to mention, it's absolutely beautiful!

Built in 1925

Loving this kitchen!


Michael said...

What a beautiful home!! No surprise homes like this are sold so fast!
I imagine the street is wonderful with all those kids playing. Fall will look really nice surrounding that house.
Wish we could help you move in!


Anonymous said...

Hey! That is fabulous!!! It looks like you, Melissa. I am so happy you guys have finally found something that will work for you ... sometimes God's blessings come slower than we'd like them too, but the wait makes them even more precious. I hope your move goes smoothly ... oh wait, I forgot, you'll be out of town and Jason has to do it all by himself. You couldn't have planned that more efficiently, girl!