Monday, June 23, 2008

What a big girl!

Abby's had a big week! She now has a new pink potty and a new big girl bed. We thought it might be best to go ahead and move her to the toddler bed a few weeks before our big move. We had a pretty smooth first night, although I don't think she was actually asleep until about 10:00. Second night, no problems! She is so proud of her big bed! 


Just had to include this one, too. 


Brentari said...

OK! That should just about seal it! Abby wins the award for the 2008 most precious little girl award. All other contestants, we thank you for your participation and your entry into this years contest however the judges have decided that Abby is this years winner. During her reign as Precious Princess Abby, she will of course be on tour!!

The Curtis Crew said...

You're not just a little bit biased are you? :-)

Brentari said...

No need for me to be biased...which of course I am anyways but thats beside the point.
ANYONE who watches those videos, could not possibly think of her as anything other than the most precious little girl on the planet!

Kristi said...

That was adorable...Charlie made me play it again. I can't believe how big Abby (and well everyone is getting)!

Elliott Scott said...

Gah, your kids are getting large. (Does that sound pastoral?)

I do like that Ben has maintained the hairless look.

Brentari said...

LET BEN GROW HIS HAIR LONG!!!A guy with a gorgeous head of hair like he has should let it grow.
He is very handsome with short hair of course, but I recall when his hair was longer it was almost as beautiful as mine!

The Curtis Crew said...

You'll have to take that one up with his dad. I've tried, believe me! Maybe you will have more influence, especially referencing your own curls! :-) The problem with Ben's hair when it gets long is it goes in many different directions!