Friday, August 8, 2008


We are back safe and sound from our visit to Texas. My new little nephew is so sweet and a great little baby! I did night duty a couple of nights while we were, I forgot how tired those early days are with a newborn. But, gazing in that sweet little face makes it worth it!

My tastebuds were satisfied with a couple of meals of Tex-Mex...Pappasito's, Willie's (best fried jalapenos ever!) & Los Cucos...yum! 

Texas was, I know, everyone knows Texas is hot, but this summer is ridiculously hot! We were there for 8 days and I think all but 1 day was over 100 degrees. Add in high humidity and it's a recipe for a day inside with the A/C cranked. Needless to say, the cousins got a little stir crazy, but they loved seeing each other.

I haven't blogged much about our house situation in Texas. Not going into much detail here, we still have our house there. We leased it last year and the entire year was a nightmare. Our tenants abandoned the house in early July and it's been such a relief to have them gone. However, God is taking care of us as he's provided new tenants that are friends of ours who have recently moved back to Texas. Jason's parents have been awesome in helping get the house ready because we are so far away. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

So, we've returned, well, sort of. While we were in Texas, Jason supervised our move to a new suburb of Cleveland. So, returning home was to a different house on a different street in a different city and not to mention, loaded with boxes patiently waiting for me to unpack them. 

I feel a bit disoriented at the moment... 

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