Sunday, August 31, 2008

Fun at the fair...

We braved the crowds and ventured out to the Great Geauga County Fair yesterday. Our friend, Maria, and her daughter, Gwenny, joined us. We had a great time and just wanted to share some pics! By the way, the weather couldn't have been more perfect for a day at the fair!

Very impressive sunflower...

Rows and rows of fruits and veggies...

...of all sorts!

Bee careful, my friends!

Pony rides for everyone
(except Abby...much too scary!)

Gwenny in the magic show...
(She had money hiding behind her ears
and didn't even know it!)

Only at the fair can you get these...
And only at the fair is it not sinful to indulge, right?

Not too sure what to expect...

Taste tester #1... a thumbs up!

See Mommy and Abby waiting for the magic show to start.
See Abby running out of patience!

Miniature horses 
Miniature Curtises...

Emily's favorite part was the pony ride!

Ben's favorite part was the magic show!

Abby's favorite part was the animals!

It was a great day for all!

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