Sunday, August 10, 2008

Happy Birthday Ben!

I can't believe Ben is 5 years old! His birthday happened to be while I was in Texas, so we are celebrating this weekend with a family trip to Chuck E. Cheese. And, of course, we are also in the middle of unpacking in our new house, so poor Ben's birthday fell this year in the midst of much chaos.

Ben is a special little boy. He is happy, funny, sensitive, smart and very perceptive. He tends to be more on the shy and reserved side, but loves his family and friends very much. He loves music but not so keen on performing. He is an amazing and loving brother to Emily and Abby, always very concerned when one seems to be hurt or sad. Ben loves to cuddle and one look from those beautiful blue eyes melts my heart instantly! Ben loves to play with dinosaurs and cars, but his most recent favorite toy is the Wii.

Happy birthday, Benner! 
Your family loves you very much!

3 months old

1 year old

2 years old

3 years old

4 years old

Haven't seen the movie, but loving the lightsaber!

Dancing Wall-E...

5 years old

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