Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Diary of a Pine Cone

Day Two:
Yesterday began with quite a rude awakening for me. I was held under the kitchen faucet as cold water ran over me and through my scales. So, now my scales are closed and will be until I begin to dry out.

My "family" came home last night talking about the slush and freezing rain. They were pretty amazed at how much ice was on the ground in a short amount of time. As I sat on the dining table, I enjoyed the warmth from the fire and giggled at the little one (they call her Abby) coloring on her sister's (they call her Emily) homework. Emily did not think it was as funny as I did, but I think in the end, everything was ok.

I did learn one thing today. This week is something called Halloween and the kids are very excited to dress up and trick or treat with their friends. I think I will stay in the warm house though and just listen to their stories when they return. Besides, it's hard work for a small pine cone like me to dry out and open my scales.
Day One:

Day Two:

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The Steele's said...

Your kids take the cutest pictures! I love their costumes. You are so creative!