Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Website Wednesday!

  Uncle John's Bathroom Reader

This week's website is a little different, I guess. I figured with Christmas coming quickly (yikes!), this might be something a little out of the ordinary to give to that one person that is difficult to shop for. Is it just me, or is it kind of funny that we stock our bathrooms with some of our best reading? (In potty training our children, a book on the potty was a must.) So, several years ago, Jason received a book called "Uncle John's Bathroom Reader". It wasn't long, and we were both hooked. Over the years, we've collected several of these books and they aren't just read in the bathroom!

From the company's website:
It was 1987. Uncle John found himself stranded on the pot in the second worst way that you can be stranded on the pot—with nothing to read! He thought to himself: I have a book by my bed; I have a book on my coffee table; I even have books in my kitchen! How come there are no books especially made for the bathroom? And then a shaft of light appeared in Uncle John's privy, and angelic voices began to sing! And lo, Uncle John proclaimeth'd: "There is a whole world of forgotten readers out there. We must all unite as one and make our voices be heard! 'We read in the Bathroom and we're proud!'"

And with that, the Bathroom Readers’ Institute was born. Nearly two decades later, we're still going strong. Uncle John and his crack research staff work year-round to make each all-new 
Bathroom Reader a stand-alone, sit-down masterpiece! Since 1988 we've sold seven million books and have now reached a membership base that's over 35,000 loyal readers. 

With the need for great bathroom reading at an all-time high, we’ve got two groups of dedicated trivia nuts churning out these books:

THE BATHROOM READERS’ INSTITUTE works out of a little red house in Ashland, Oregon, bringing you the ClassicBathroom Readers, the For Kids Only series, and the occasional “Little John” (such as Tees Off On Golf and the Colossal Collection of Quotable Quotes). 
THE BATHROOM READERS' HYSTERICAL SOCIETY is based in San Diego and writes the Plunges Into... books. The BRHS also finds new titles for the Uncle John's Presents... series and puts together the highly popular Uncle John's Puzzle Book series. 

So worry not, faithful readers: As long as we keep finding stuff to write about—which isn't that difficult in this strange and silly world—then know that you'll never have to be stranded on the throne the way Uncle John was all those years ago. 


These books are stocked with things you really need to know and had no idea! Things like, "George Washington's shoe size was 13" or "Theater spotlights used to burn lime for light. That's where the term 'limelight' came from" or "Plants, like people, run a fever when they are sick" and much, much more!

If you haven't discovered these books, 
it's time to take the plunge 


teresa said...

Melissa, you are perhaps the only woman I know who can offer up such entertaining bathroom banter while at the same time still maintaining the very essence of grace and "ladylikeness." Just wanted you to know that I love you :)

The Curtis Crew said...

Aw, thanks! I love you, too! (& miss you!)