Sunday, November 23, 2008

And then there were two...

...kittens, that is. We've had a very hard week losing Sebastian. In our efforts to heal, we felt it would be ok to go ahead and get a new kitten, knowing full well that Sebastian will never be replaced. The kids were really having a hard time with the idea that we no longer had a pet. Although Jason and I knew it would be bittersweet for us, we thought it might be better for the kids to take the plunge. So, in our search to adopt a kitten, we ended up with two! They are siblings and are adorable!!

We thought we would stick with our roots and give them Texas names and have gone with counties we've lived in.

So, meet Taylor Bell. Taylor Bell is actually a polydactyl cat, sometimes known as a Hemingway cat. She has an extra toe on each of her front paws. It looks like she's wearing mittens and has thumbs.

And Harris ("Harry") named after Harris County.

They have adjusted very well to their first day in the Curtis Zoo. Their motors run freely and loudly and they leap around playing with each other and whatever they can bat at in the room. They're now sleeping soundly with their motors running in Sebastian's bed. Sebastian didn't really like his bed very much, but these two seem to think it's pretty comfy...

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