Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Diary of a Pine Cone

Our experiment is now complete! We ran the pine cone under water about 8 days ago. Within one hour, the pine cone was completely closed, every single scale. The pictures show the daily progress as the pine cone began to dry and the scales slowly opened. 

Day 1:
Cold and wet...

Day 2:
Still pretty wet, but just a few scales 
on the bottom are beginning to open...

Day 3:
Not much progress from day 2; 
just a few more scales beginning to open...

Day 4:
More scales opening on the bottom and the rest of the scales 
are not closed as tightly as the past few days...

Day 5:
Really seeing some progress here; scales are
opening on the bottom and top...

Day 6:
Wow! What a difference a day makes...

Day 7:
Almost completely dry...

Day 8:

You, too, can try this experiment at home. No experience is necessary; just a willing pine cone and a patient observer!

The End!

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