Thursday, November 20, 2008



He loved to play with the grocery bags 
while I was unloading groceries...

I can't even believe this day has come. I am an emotional wreck as I write this. I'm ashamed to admit that I have on occasion been amazed at how people get so upset when they lose a pet. Well, now I'm that person.

Sebastian found me when I was a junior in college. He had been abandoned by his mother and fit in the palm of my hand. I was not a cat person but couldn't just leave him outside, so took him in. The first night I had him, I put him in bed with me and woke in the middle of the night unable to see him on the bed. Well, that's because he had crawled in my pajama sleeve and was sound asleep. From then on, he had my heart.

Sebastian was a great cat. His personality was much like a dog. He could do tricks, would always come when called and loved to be with people. 

Yesterday, something happened, although I'm not exactly sure what. The vet did diagnose him with hypothyroidism and a mass in his stomach (assumed to be cancer). However, he lost vision and went downhill very quickly. I decided to stay up with him last night and around 11:30, it was obvious he was dying.

My children (especially Emily & Ben) will be devastated when they learn this news today as Jason and I already are. Sebastian has been in my life for 16 years (longer than Jason has!) and I'm already missing his meowing and morning greeting. 

We love you, Sebastian! You were such a good boy.


Rebecca said...

We are so sorry for you!!! I remember longing for my dog when he died. Oh the patter of feet and warmth of their fury bodies!!! Bless your heart, Melissa. We will whisper prayers for you today.

Brentari said...

Losing a pet like Sebastion is so painful. When you hear of someone that is going through this, you are reminded how painful it was in your own experience.
Sorry the Curtis crew is going through this. These animals are terrific companions and friends to us and it really hurts when you lose one.

...Alison said...

Awww man. That is the saddest news. I wish we could keep them forever. I know that day is going to come around at our house I'll be as upset as you guys are. I am glad he's not in any pain anymore and that he had such an awesome life with you guys! I hope things get better soon.

rhonda owens said...

Melissa, I am so sorry. It is downright painful losing a family pet. I have such fond memories of Sebastian, too. Remember when we would share dinner together at your house in Jamestown Colony and he'd sneak up to our plates, gently tap his paw in whatever we were having and take a little taste? While there is no getting around the pain, we'll pray that as you walk through this valley, God's comfort will be with you as you two and the kids grieve together.

Heather said...

Oh so sad! I am so sorry for you family's loss. I too am going to be facing this soon with one of my kitty's. Not looking forward to it. I hope you children take the news as well as they can and pray for peace with in your family!