Monday, April 27, 2009

Late Blooming...

I have just not had the time to blog lately or felt motivated to do so. I love blogging and it's something I do for fun. So, on the days that it feels like a chore, I just don't do it. Life has been very busy lately with several projects, so blogging has been on the back burner. Hopefully, I'll be able to blog on a more regular basis. I'm going to take a break from the normal Monday and Wednesday posts and just blog as I feel inspired to do so! Of course, I will share any cool websites I find, like this one (if you like gardening) and share any good books I'm reading, like this one...

Jason and I have decided that it's time to be real grown-ups! Have you read the book Leo the Late Bloomer? Well, we identify with Leo! We are being more proactive in reading the Bible, budgeting our money (using this method), spending time outdoors with the kids (now that we can!) and today, we start being proactive with our health.

I will be the first to admit that I am addicted to food. I love food! I eat when I am bored, I eat when I'm happy, I eat when I'm depressed, I eat in social settings, I snack, I love sweets, I love salty, I love food. Well, years and years of loving food and allowing food to be my reward or my comfort has lead to a lifetime of unhealthy eating. Of course, I don't go to a cucumber when I'm feeling depressed; I go to the chocolate, baby! I will admit here as well that I suffer with anxiety and depression. I have come to terms with it and am on medication. There will be times that I think I'm fine and try to get off my medication and it's just not a good thing, you know? So, throughout the years, suffering with this challenge, I've used food to try and cheer me up.

Today, things will be different! Jason and I are both going to follow the Eating for Life plan. Basically, we will eat 6 times a day, but of course, our choices will be healthy choices and the right portions (no more seconds...or thirds...). So, today is good so far. It's only 9:42 a.m., and I struggle a little bit mentally that I now am "forbidden" to eat things I've been so used to eating. I don't do so well when something is forbidden to makes me want it more!

The day started off with 16 oz of water, a 25 minute workout (this's hard!), and a protein shake for breakfast. I get to eat an apple and cheese at 10:30 and drink 16 more oz of water. I actually like apples and cheese! Lunch will be a turkey sandwich with lettuce and tomato on whole wheat bread. At 3:30, we will eat 2 hard-boiled eggs and an orange. Dinner will be grilled chicken on a bead of spinach leaves and mushrooms. Dessert will be a strawberry cheesecake (made with low-fat ingredients, of course!)

I have never been one that felt comfortable talking about eating, dieting, weight, etc. However, I think maybe this will bring me some accountability as well as some journaling opportunities to help when it gets tough.

It's never too late to bloom, right Leo?

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Kate said...

Hey there!

I LOVE that you are using your blog to share your struggles. Thanks for being so vulnerable!

Praying for you!