Tuesday, April 7, 2009

What we're reading this week...

I didn't get an entry done yesterday. I was so sleepy from the past week, staying up way too late! I've become a night owl in the past couple of years and I have to literally make myself go to bed at a decent hour so the next day isn't painful and I didn't do a great job with this all last week. So, now I'm paying for it. I gave up caffeine a couple of months ago, so there's no hope in the coffee cup any more. I must be more disciplined!

The Bible verse for my kiddos this week is 2 Thessalonians 3:13: "Never tire of doing what is right." I think I could definitely learn from this one myself!

We are basically reading the same things we were reading last week. I'm still playing catch up with my daily Bible readings to get through the Bible in one year, so I'm not allowing myself to start a new novel until I'm caught up. I think I will be caught up in another week.

So, instead of giving you our reading selections, I thought I would list some blogs that I frequently, sometimes even daily, visit. Most of them are amazing stories of faith through difficulty and inspire me immensely. Some are just fun reading for me because they allow me to keep up with distant friends or are just fun to follow.

Please continue to pray for Baby Stellan. His button is on the sidebar of my blog. He is 5 months old and has been in the PICU for 16 days with heart trouble. The doctors are now going to try something different, which could involve life-flighting him to another hospital. Keep in mind, he is the baby of 4 children, so this family really needs prayers for Stellan's healing as well as keeping above water with the care of the rest of the family.

So, these might be fun for you to check out:
(You might need to click on older entries to read their stories.)

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