Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Website Wednesday!

Whether you are worried about the economy, have been affected by the economy, or just want to save money in your monthly budget, this website will help you ease your mind a bit. This week's Website Wednesday! is The Grocery Game. All it takes is a little bit of your time, organizational skills (at a minimum) and a few small bucks a month. You can try if for 4 weeks for only $1 with no obligation to continue, but I think you'll want to continue when you see the savings coming in. If you're like me, I would much rather spend less at the grocery store each month.

From the company's website:

How it all began...

The Grocery Game grew out of a very smart and frugal hobby. Teri Gault (the company's founder and CEO) was intent on saving her family money. Her common sense homestyle approach to good living included collecting coupons and matching them to grocery store sales. Eventually, this hobby became a passion. Teri would share her money saving ideas with family and friends who were more than impressed by her attention to detail and her ability to predict sales trends. After some time, it became obvious that Teri's "hobby" was more than just a good idea to share with friends. The business of The Grocery Game was underway. At first, The Grocery Game made "TERI'S LISTs" available mainly to members in Southern California. Later, by offering franchises to persons throughout the United States, the company was able to expand at an unprecedented pace. Currently, The Grocery Game offers "TERI'S LIST" in all 50 states. Tens of thousands of members log on each week and save hundreds of dollars a month on their groceries.

Teri suggests purchasing some sort of envelope that has dividers. I bought a canceled check file at Wal-Mart for less than $4. Label the sections by categories. File your coupons this way. Once you join The Grocery Game, you will select the list(s) for the stores you shop in your hometown. Teri's list is comprised of three categories: Green, Blue and Black items. Green items are FREE (by combining store sales and your coupons you've clipped), Blue items are for stockpiling so you have enough of a particular item until the next sale cycles around, and Black items are for need shopping only. Teri will tell you on your store's list what coupons to pull from your file and how to combine them with the store's sales to save you the most money.

I encourage you to peruse the website, read the FAQ's and try it out for 4 weeks. You will be surprised how much fun it becomes to see what you can actually save on each trip.

So, grab a Sunday paper, save those coupon mailings that come in your mail this week, sign up for your 4 week trial for only $1, get your system going and watch the savings add up!

Let the savings begin!

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Laurie said...

I WANT to do the grocery game but am just too dern overwhelmed by it. Plus, I think I'd get sucked into buying things we don't need or wouldn't use. Ya know?