Thursday, April 10, 2008

Confession Time...

Ok, now you know, I'm an American Idol junkie.  I have to say this season is by far the best in regards to talent and personalities. Last night was the "Idol Gives Back", which was a great show to raise money for charities. I have to admit I was extremely impressed with how there seemed to be Christian influence throughout the broadcast. Of course, with any show these days on TV, there was definitely non-Christian influence throughout. 

Bono was one of the stars on the show and if you are familiar with Bono, he is heavily involved in raising money for Africa and helping those afflicted with HIV. Throughout his clips were pictures of crosses. Bono has a powerful message and is very influential. If you aren't familiar with his cause, google him and see what he's about.

I was most impressed, however, with the finale of the show as the remaining contestants came out, accompanied by an awesome gospel choir, singing Darlene Zscheck's "Shout to the Lord". While they substituted "shepherd" for "Jesus", they sang the song in its entirety and I couldn't believe it!  

Click here to see the performance.

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Anonymous said...

What was even more exciting to me, the next night on the reveal show they opened with "Shout to the Lord" and they sang the name of Jesus on national television. I thought it was great!!

-Tracie in TN