Sunday, April 6, 2008

Spring is in the air!

We had a great weekend and I will blame it on the awesome weather!  Thank you, Lord, for the season of spring that is a breath of fresh air after the cold, cold winter.  

We've had our windows open, we've been outside and to the park, we've even seen some of our neighbors. We were beginning to wonder if anyone really lived in these houses around us...

Here are some pics from our weekend:

Most of the trees are still pretty bare, but if you get close, you can see that the buds are there.  In the kids' terms, the trees have been asleep and are now waking up.  Again, I'm amazed at the wonder of God's creation and I'm so grateful that I can live in such a beautiful place.

Waking up!

The geese were honking...a spring song for sure!

Blue heron...perfect day for fishing.

Bloom where you're planted, right?

I even tried a new recipe this weekend.  We had cupcakes for dinner! (of the meat variety...) I don't know Annalee, but these are Annalee's "meat cupcakes" (Poppin' Fresh Barbecue Cups). I came across the recipe on another blog.  

It was a hit!  Click here for the recipe.
Add a salad or a veggie and you've got dinner!

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