Friday, April 4, 2008

Imitation...the highest form of flattery

This is a re-print of a pondering from our previous website...
Abigail, my 2-year-old, has been in the cute stage of imitation for the past 6 or 7 months.  She loves to copy what she sees others doing or hears others saying, in particular, her brother and sister.  I remember a time when she was about 17-months-old and we were playing with her baby dolls.  As Abby watched me rocking a baby doll, she immediately picked hers up, plopped herself down by me and started rocking hers as well.  It was one of those cute moments when the camera was too far away.  Those few precious minutes with Abby triggered thoughts of my relationship with Jesus.  Just as Abby so quickly and easily imitated me, so should I imitate my Savior.  God created me in His image to be like Him.  Wouldn't imitation of my Heavenly Father be the highest form of flattery for Him and wouldn't it bring me closer to fulfilling the greatest calling on my life?

Lord, I pray that as I go about my day that I seek to imitate You in my daily tasks, my interactions with others, and in caring for and loving my family.  Help me to be more like You and to reflect who You are to those I meet.   ~Amen.

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